SMARTSHORE™ is an inflatable trench shield developed by PRONAL. It reinforces the walls of trenches and ensures the safety of operators. It’s the perfect solution to secure excavations for quick maintenance operations on utilities as well as for first responders for trench rescue operations.

TOUGH: made of special double wall, rubber coated fabric, hot vulcanized, the SMARTSHORE shields are highly resistant to wear, abrasion and punctures.

FLEXIBLE: depending on the trench conditions, the SMARTSHORE shields can be placed in vertical or horizontal position and can easily adapt to uneven surfaces. There are four different lengths of struts available.

SAFE: protects against cave-ins or trench collapses allowing personnel to safely exit the trench in case of an emergency.

EASY & QUICK TO INSTALL: thanks to its light weight, SMARTSHORE system only requires about 10 minutes to set up. In most cases, only a suitable compressor is required for installation.

EASY TO TRANSPORT: foldable and light weight, the system is easy to transport in almost any type of vehicle.



  • 2 trench shields 57” x 87”
  • 6 shoring struts 36” – 61.5”
  • 1 Inflation hose with shut-off for Smartshore trench shields
  • 1 Venturi vacuum pump to use for deflating SmartShore trench shields


Optional Equipment:

  • Pelican case for shields
  • Pelican case for struts


Item # Price
Inflation hose with shut-off for SmartShore trench shields $120.00
Item # Price
SmartShore 36" - 61.5" Shoring Strut $375.00
Item # Price
SmartShore Shoring Strut Pelican Case $426.50
Item # Price
SmartShore trench shield 57" x 87" $2,550.00
Item # Price
SmartShore Trench Shield Pelican Case $507.46
Item # Price
Venturi vacuum pump to use for deflating SmartShore trench shields $215.00