Goldak MLX Series

The MLX series EMS marker locators detect and pinpoints standard electronic marker balls, discs and pegs.

A single trigger activates the MLX, which is computer controlled to provide precise performance as well as features such as marker depth approximation, auto shutdown and battery status. Unit is available in single or dual frequencies for all utilities such as gas, power, water, sewer and CATV. Unit is completely automatic and requires no control adjustments.

Standard equipment: EMS locator receiver, carrying case and operation manual


Single Frequency Locators


ML83 Gas 83.0 Khz $795
ML1698 Electric 169.8 Khz $795
ML1456 Water 145.7 Khz $795
ML1014 Telephone 101.4 Khz $795
ML77 CATV 77.0 Khz $795
ML1216 Sanitation/Sewer 121.6 Khz $795

Dual Frequency Locators


MLX-GP Gas/Power 83.0/169.8 Khz $995
MLX-SW Water/Sewer 145.7/121.6 Khz $995
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