Marker Balls

Omni Marker from Greenlee® provides a new and better way to electronically mark and locate underground facilities.

Unlike other marking devices with a single coil, the Omni Marker contains three orthogonal tune circuits.

When excited by a standard marker locator, these passive circuits produce a uniform, spherical RF field in every direction.

No ball positioning is required.

Max depth reading of 5'0".

Choose Your Application - Each Case Contains 30 Omni Markers

Model Frequency Application Weight (ea.)
Case Price Each Case Contains 30 Omni Markers
160 169.8 kHz Power Marker .5 lbs. $280.50 case
161 145.7 kHz Water Marker .5 lbs. $268.50 case
162 121.6 kHz Sanitary Marker .5 lbs. $268.50 case
163 101.4 kHz Telephone Marker .5 lbs. $268.50 case
164 83.0 kHz Gas Marker .5 lbs. $275.10 case
165 77.0 kHz CATV Marker .5 lbs. $275.10 case